Sunday, April 23, 2017

Top This

Saturday Leftover Day.

Maw Green wasn't the first or only topper Harold Gray did.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Ghost From The Past

Friday Comic Book Day.

I have a good selection of Spirit sections in Fine condition. I have been scanning them carefully and sending the scans to the guys at the Digital Comics Museum. I use alot of their scans and it's my way of paying them back. They handle them and turn them into downloadable .cbz files which you can find here (mine as well as many more by other scanners): The nice thing about these scans is the fact that we are doing the whole Spirit section, which means they contain Lady Luck and Mr. Mystic as well. In this early sample you get an iconic Spirit story, with a story in a story and a special art technique to represent ghosts, Lady Luck probaby not yet by Klaus Norling and Mr. Mystic by Bob Powell. All good.

Goode Vibrations

Thursday Story Strip Day.

A couple of months ago I showed a Scorchy Smith Sunday by Rodlow Willard. On the whole the reaction of most of those who saw it wa that it was a lot better thn they were led to believe. Of course following Frank Robbins is hard for any artist. Before Rodlow Willard Edmund Goode had the same problem. Maybe even more so, because Willard at least had a unique and more humorous style of his own, while Goode tried to follow in Robbins' footsteps. Anyway, here are some more samples of both 'second rate' artists for you to enjoy. I wish I had some of Willard's successor A. C. Hollingsworth (or at least more than the original art samples I have seen and shared).

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tyger Force

Wednesday Illustration Day.

This may be more for my Dutch friends, but I guess my American followers will like this as well, even though they can't maybe place it as well. The Tjong-Khing is a Dutch illustrator who started his career at the Dutch Toonder Studios, doing newspaper strips in the illustrators style (personified by Stan Drake in his soap opera strip The Heart of Juliet Jones). He wasn't the only eurpoean artist working in this style. For Marion, he joined Dutch artist Jan Wesseling, although he very quickly injected his own sense of black and white. After thta he did Student Tijlloos, which was even ore impressive. After doing illustation work for a couple of years (from which the illustrations in this post are an example) he hit a temporarily high with Aram and Ilva, a spectacular daily science fiction strip with a soap opera bent. I should show you some of that one of these days. After Aram and Ilva, he turned to childrens book illustration, changed his style completely and became even more famous in Holland then he alredy was. He is now over eighty and still improving every year. An artist worth checking out.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gahan Out Of Here

Monday Cartoon Day.

Long before Gahan Wilson became known as Playboy's resident weirdo, he was selling his cartoons to magazines left and right. I have scanned a couple, with more to come hopefully.